Get that booty in gear and get it toned! Here’s a quick workout which I swear by to maximise and firm my tush!

•50 squats

•20 backward lunge kick (each leg)

•40 star jumps

•40 Donkey kicks (each leg)

•20 sumo squats

•40 clam pose w resistance bands or without (lie on side with your legs bent , keep feet touching eachother and open / shut knees ) FEEL THE BURN & SOLDIER ON !!! MAKE THAT BOOTY GROWN & DONT GIVE UP!!


Roasted Root Veggie Hacks


Veggies are perfect for any time of the year…coming to the winter months I prefer roasted veggies than salads plus it just reminds me Christmas🎄- perfect

If you want to know how to season your veggies keep reading, the perfect quickest and tastiest veggies you’ll ever try trust me salt and pepper will be your bestfriend!

So, get your veggies – Sweet potato- white potato- green beans- broccoli- sprouts- parsnips – asparagus- carrots the list is endless

wash before you do anything with them then peel the ones you don’t want the peel on- I prefer to keep mine on but I don’t like skin on cooked carrots so I peeled them.

This amount would do me for 2 meals or 3 if I want rice or a veggie burger rather than all veggies but you could do this With anything
Slice the carrots how ever you want I prefer 1cm-2cm rough and mixed sizes doesn’t have to be perfect
As for the parsnips I slice them from top to bottom length ways in strips so they give a different shape
The ingredients I use religiously is pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, olive oil or extra virgin just what’s er you have or ,coconut oil anything you have. I drizzle about 1-2tbsp of oil for each pan 
I use the rosemary on the sweet potato and carrots about 1 tbsp sliced up finely then scattered all over the veggies (this was about half of this fresh rosemary but the jar fine)
I like to keep the colours separated that’s just me but you could mix them all up together I just like to serve it all separate
I had some Greek seasoning I sprinkled all over so you can really use anything in your seasoning rack
The cooking time is about 25-30 minutes on a high heat 340 degrees- how delicious does this look and the house smells incredible 😍😍🙌🏻👌🏼
2 table spoons of gravy granulas in 300-400ml of boiling water and continuously stir
So I added some stuffing for some carbs it’s so quick and I love the way it absorbs the water and is low fat and good carbohydrates
The finished plate obviously if you wanted meat you just add it or some faux meat but I prefer mine all animal free and that makes my stomach even more happy! Hope you enjoy these steps And use salt and pepper with a bit of olive oil and sage and rosemary in your veggies to get the flavours popping!

Upper Body Burn🔥

I call this one BURN BABY BURN! Because you’ll definitely feel the burn in your arms !

Below are two of my favourite fitness influencers Quimma on the left her body is insane with the arms of a goddess and on the right is Tammy who is a MILF hands down and her arms are so toned so I added them here as I just love what they’re about I don’t want to give you false hope saying you’re going to look like them I just want to share my inspiration with you because these are real people with real work ethic, no photoshop just hard work!

Below is an upper body workout sure to get the blood flowing, help firm and tighten your arms, shoulders and even your abs.

Do each exercise for 40 seconds and record how many repetitions you do. Then repeat the whole workout 2-3 times through.

Here is what you need-

-yoga mat or soft surface  – 2 hand dumbells -water 💦

Lets get to it! 1-2 rounds for beginners/ 2-3 rounds for regular exercisers & 3-5 for advanced workout babes 

***50 seconds for each exercise with s 10 second rest in between each exercise do push push PUSH !***


  • press-ups
  • tricep dips
  • starjumps
  • bicep curls -with weights
  • plank
  • Shoulder press -with weights
  • circles with your arms out straight to the side of you nice and small circles -use with or without weights
  • Arms up crunch -arms above the head keep the arms parallel and lift them with the head only as far as the head though, then back down- can do this whilst holding a single weight in your hands to keep your arms straight
  • Straight out punches -with or without weights
  • Legs up in the air, rope pulls -for this one you lay on your back and lift your legs so they are vertical dorsiflex the feet so you can clearly see your toes then opposite arm to the opposite foot you’re going to pull an invisible rope from one side to the other and keep it going

If you try this workout at home or in the gym please let me know by leaving a water drip emoji in the comments xo

Gingerbread Hearts 💕 •Vegan •Gf

Fancy making these cute gingerbread hearts? Read on….

These biscuits were the most easiest most delicious snacks I’ve ever made! Suitable for any occasion but perfect for any time of the day.

I found the recipe on PETA’s website an always go to then if I am trying to make something but don’t know how to substitue to make it vegan 🌱

CLICK HERE FOR THE PETA GINGERBREAD HOUSE LINK, the batter will suit just as good for normal biscuits! After all to make the house you need to make the walls out and roof out of the biscuit batter so when you have the batter all made up I then just rolled it out to a cm thick and then used my heart shaped cutter which you can use any shaped cutter you want- I need to but a man cookie so I can male really cute Gingerbresd men for my baby cousins they would love them!


I also added chia seeds , Another tip (which I didn’t have enough time to do) was to add some icing on the top as I wanted to keep them all fresh for longer I left the icing and the calories off as I made these in October I really should have gotten creative but I promise I’ll make them again ESPECIALLY NOW THAT ITS THE 1st If DECEMBER – which I just cannot believe 🙌🏻☃️ then add some sprinkles to the top of them they’ll look super cute and go perfect for an after dinner treat!


Malia Blues😍💦🥥🌴😭

I’ve not blogged in so long I’ve been super busy making new recipes qualifying as a personal trainer and gym instructor, my life has completely changed since the last time I blogged which is crazy! Now I’m back with new content and new ideas for your workouts which are sure to give you the burn you need to help transform you curves!

Me and Mel on the boat trip we went around the Crete and had a BBQ it was the best day of the whole trip to be honest. I jumped in the sea and mel learnt to swim the first part of the holiday so she went in with a life jacket and I was such a proud mother haha
the sea just gives me so much life it goes on for miles and the colour was just incredible
we took a trip to santorini and this was just a cute picture
this was a cute bridge over the sea it was so old but anything for a picture


So, in summer this year I was lucky enough to go to Malia with my good friend Mel, it was supposed to be a trip for myself, Mel, and my other two bestfriends but a family incident took course meaning that my other two bff’s had to cancel and stay home because family is a priority. whilst me and mel felt gutted we still had to go otherwise we’d miss out on the money we had spent and so we went and still had the time of our lives and it made us become closer than ever before we were legit joint at the hip for 2 whole weeks.

although I’m not a complete party girl I like to have fun and try new things and as I’ve always been on holiday with my family this was going to be one crazy holiday. which it was.

we arrived in Crete in the evening and so we got to see what the night life had to offer, on our way to our hotel. it was the craziest thing i’d ever seen. people drinking walking far from sober and me and mel looked at each other like ewe don’t know what we’ve let ourselves in for !

we went out near enough every other night doing cocktails and shots and living life to the fullest. id run to the beach and swim 40 lengths each day- except one time I was super sick and thought I was going to die although I didn’t throw up and I survived but I’ll never go that hard again haha I think we’ve all had our fare share of crazy nights and gotten completely legless but somehow always find our way back home!??

ive attached a few picture of some of the memories we made on that holiday. mainly the sunsets and beach pics I love the most because I’ve always been to the Greek islands but never a “party” holiday it was crazy to see thee island come to life but i’m more of a sight seeing type of girl so I wanted to do the most in day and trust me I was burnt to a crisp but I think the pictures are a bit too explicit to post on here but my booty was as red a tomato from the days we spent purely on the beach just sunbathing all day…yeah all day dipping in and out of the sea so I should have known about the suncream washing off but sometimes i’d fall asleep and wake up so sore and just be like “ok I need shelter now” I think being fare skinned is so mean because I just want to tan all day but considering I’m a red head I do tan really well. just the sunburn that comes before it is the most painful thing I have to endure because I legit just stand inunder an ice cold shower andi t was the most relaxing thing ever, now when mel tried the shower she screaming like how can you do that it’s super ice cold I was just smiling and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head.

Overall the holiday was an incredible experience I learnt to be even more independent and became mels mum so we bonded incredibly well, we’d go on lunch dates near enough every day and refused to pay for the AC so I had to move my mattress outside on the balcony at whatever time we got home after our night out and I was loving it but mel got bitten to death so the second week we thought right that’s enough we NEED AC and it was perfect, I didn’t understand how much it would change our mood bc we were always so hot and sweaty obviously tired and fed up some times when we were getting ready for the night out and we couldn’t get dressed because we were too hot and just loved to bee naked honestly we were both naked that holiday more than we were dressed in some days it was 45 degrees it was so insane!


I had feta cheese and broke my 2 years completely vegan streak but just like snap chat it comes to an end some way so I allowed my self to have it even though I sinned I just can’t go to Greece and not have feta cheese salad but yeah I did slip up and I was all over my social media like I fucked up guys but I’m back on it now and here to stay I just slipped up…

enjoy the pictures and if you have any memorable holidays or times in your life with your bestfriends or in my case with someone you’ve knownfor a long time but never thought you’d end up going on holiday with them for 2 weeks and manage not to kill them, leave your experience in the comments.

I think because me and mel were already really close with our other two bestfriends but as it was just us two it was amazing that we didn’t even fall out once we just did our own thing and one went to the pool whilst one was napping in the room and we just worked so well it was the best thing to come out of a hard situation in the beginning because we were meant to be going as a group and then ended up just me and mel but I’m blessed and thankful I had the safest trip there and back and made a life long friendship with someone I never thought I would have gone on a solo holiday with like ever!





Banana Avocado & Chia Seed Pudding




Let me just start by saying how quick and simple this is to make you don’t have to make them both together but I think they looks really good together I’ve only ever made the banana avocado smoothie and the chia pudding seperately so combining them is just a match made in heaven!!

I’ve recently made the banana and avo smoothie so I’ll tag that post on here for you.

Right let’s get to it, here’s what you need to create this spring jar of yummyness😋:

  • 1 seethrough cup /jar to see the layers and colours
  • blender
  • measuring cups

For the chia pudding you will need:

  • 50g chia seeds
  • 200ml milk alternative of your choice (I use soya or almond)
  • jug or bowl
  • 1tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1tsp pure vanilla extract or almond extract


Mix all together and leave to set for 5-10 minutes you’re going to see the constancy go from watery with seeds in to a thick consistency just be patient and if you want to make more to make the breakfast for the next day then do that now. Leave aside while you make the Vegan Avocado Pudding !

Here is what you need for the 🍌🥑 pudding:

  • 1 🥑 FACT: Full of good essential fat
  • 1🍌 TIP : The more spots they have the more potassium they are and creamier they are
  • 50ml soya milk FACT: no cholesterol and high in protein
  • 1 handful of spinach for added micronutrients, iron & protein


Add to blender and count for 30 seconds until thick and creamy✅


Layer the two together, In the Mason jar & ENJOY 💚

Share with your friends if you enjoy this recipe or if you have any questions email me lorna.staton@yahoo.co.uk







Bulgur Wheat & Couscous salad

Looking for a filling meal with low calories, packed with protein??… try this zesty Lemon & Garlic infused bulgur wheat with couscous and refreshing salad!

Being vegan you depend on good complex carbohydrates for slow release of energy to keep you going throughout the day. With the bulgur wheat and couscous low in calories, high in protein, fibre and GOOD CARBS this is the prefect lunch which can be infused with anything and switched up all the time as alone, bulgur wheat and couscous can be plain on their own.


To make this tasty meal here’s what you need:

  • 100g Bulgur wheat and couscous mixed
  • 1/2 lemon juice and zest
  • 1/2 cup of split lentils
  • pinch of Himalayan salt and black pepper
  • sprinkle of paprika
  • 200-300ml boiling water in a pan
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • mixed salad (get creative, I used 1/2 avocado, 1 tomato and Red jalapenos)


Put the lentils into a deep small pan, cover with 200ml water and add the bulgur wheat and couscous. stir and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

pour some more boiling water in the pan if the grains and pulses start to go a little stodgy as you want them to go light an fluffy as they cook and open up.



I complimented the couscous with half an avocado with squeezed lime over it and a pinch of paprika, grapes, tomato and red jalapenos.

Enjoy !xo


GUILT FREE Vegan Blueberry Waffles


Want a healthy alternative to your everyday cereal? These vegan waffles are everything but boring ! If you want the recipe keep reading…

Simple to make and taste incredible…💜


Ps the same batter is used to make the pancake version so don’t worry if you don’t have a waffle maker! The colours are so gorgeous when you lift up that lid of the waffle maker as the berries cook and explode the lovely blue colours start to escape and mix in with the batter.


What you need:

  • 1 waffle maker or non stick pan/pan w 1 tsp police oil or coconut oil
  • measuring jug /cups
  • whisk


  • 1cup un-bleached flour
  • 1cup blue berries
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup soya/nut milk
  • 2tsp stevia or any other natural sweetener
  • 1tsp Himalayan pink Salt

combine all ingredients together , it doesn’t matter if the berries burst…


…pour In to waffle maker or in the centre of the pan and leave to cook for a few minutes then flip & surrrvvvvv😈

I garnished mine with some fruit for added nutrients, you could add maple syrup or Agave and get creative with any toppings you want to use! The next thing I’m going to try is banana peanut butter and dairy free chocolate nibs!